Open Sky, Port Elizabeth

Open Sky is situated just outside Port Elizabeth, about 10 minutes along the N2 to Humansdorp.

There is a small touch farm, which the kids always love. They got to bottle feed a calf! Katelyn seems to really enjoy feeding the goats and holding the bunnies. Christian gets so excited, he runs from one corner to the other, not sure who to feed first! Ai, and Zac is still a little weary of the animals. He was ok going on the horse though! They all loved the horse ride!

If you only want to go to the play area, you do not have to pay entrance fee. If I remember correctly, entrance is R20 per person. You can go into the different sections with the animals to feed/hold them. There is also a restuarant on site. I saw a lot of building and expanding happening. It looks like there is going to be a mini playland. oh and there is putt putt!

Again, this is a great day out with the kids in Port Elizabeth.


2 thoughts on “Open Sky, Port Elizabeth

  1. Aahhh, Lisa, they look so happy!
    Going to try to fit this place into our holiday schedule, looks lovely!
    Thanks for all the tips!!

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